About Us

Blazes Renewables has been providing energy solutions to its clients for more than 25 years.

We focus on providing state of the art LED lighting solutions to our commercial clients.

We focus on providing bespoke Solar PV systems to harness energy from the sun to provide our clients with clean and free electricity.

We focus on providing our clients these services on a “Turn Key” project managed basis to ensure maximum value and minimal disruption. We understand the needs of our clients and when appropriate our installation teams will work at weekends, out of hours and overnight.

Our mission statement is very simple: we aim to do all that is necessary to become your trusted energy solutions provider.

Our products

Investment into Solar Photovoltaic is a long term project.  At Blazes we firmly believe that which such a long term investment there is no point in scrimping on the initial costs of the Solar PV system. With Solar Panels and Inverters the old adage “you only get what you pay for” could never be truer. Blazes has access to many manufacturers of Solar PV products and you can be assured that Blazes will provide only the very best option that is right for your premises. Working with Blazes our clients can be certain of receiving the maximum return on their investment.

For LED we source all of our products from Bright-LED for whom we are a national distributor. Bright-LED are manufacturing partners with Tridonic, Europe’s leading manufacturer of LED products. Other LED products are imported from several quality manufacturers and every product in our portfolio is best in class. Many of our products carry 5 year warranties.

Our service

Blazes Renewables LED Lighting Service:

Blazes offers a fully project managed turnkey solution for the conversion of traditional lighting to LED.

The process starts with a site survey by one of our LED specialists.  The survey will identify the make-up of the existing lighting and a calculation of the costs to operate it and the amount of carbon produced will be generated.

The Blazes LED specialist will ask questions regarding lamp-on times, your light level requirements and emergency lighting provisions.

At Blazes we don’t just replace one existing non LED lamp with an LED equivalent we create a Lighting Design using our in-house lighting design team.

Blazes Renewables is serious about its LED conversion service and at a very early stage of its development a decision was taken to create an in-house lighting design service.

Our design team creates 3D modelling using Dialux and Relux advanced software.  In determining the required LUX levels in a given area the Design Team are able to use the recommendations from CIBSE (the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers) or to a Client’s own specification.  Blazes Renewables has a number of Clients from the Aero Space industries where critical LUX levels are specified in particular working areas.  Blazes Renewables has been successful in meeting these requirements.

Once the lighting design has been created and agreed with the client Blazes will produce a detailed proposal for converting the existing lighting to LED.  The proposal will be fully costed and will have details of the various payment options.  These will include:

  • Outright payment: by cheque or Bank Transfer
  • Operating Leases:  Where no upfront payment is required and monthly repayments are lower than the monthly savings in electricity costs meaning a positive cash flow contribution.
  •  Rental Programme: Blazes offers a 60 month rental scheme where businesses can benefit from a full lighting conversion to LED with no upfront payment required and monthly rental payments lower than current lighting costs meaning a positive cash flow contribution from day one of the programme

The proposal will show the reduction in operating costs and the reduction in carbon produced along with life expectancy and the savings in maintenance costs.  A final important feature of the proposal is the calculation of payback time and return on investment.

The client is then offered two options.  The installation can be carried out by the client’s own electricians or the project can be passed to the Blazes installation team.

If the client has elected to use the Blazes installation team then a meeting is arranged between the lead electrician and the client to discuss Risk Assessment and any operational issues which may arise during the installation process.

Throughout all of these processes the Blazes LED Specialist will take the lead on Project Management and liaise directly with the client.

In Summary

For both of our product lines we provide a complete turnkey, project managed solution.

For Solar PV this includes:

  • Initial site survey
  • Preparation of cost benefit and carbon reductions
  • Liaison with DNO and all G59 issues
  • Dealing with all access and H&S issues
  • Installation and commissioning of system
  • Project Management throughout

For LED conversions this includes:

  • Initial site survey
  • Preparation of cost benefit and carbon reductions
  • Preparation and provision of customised Lighting Design
  • Dealing with all access and H&S issues
  • Installation of lamps
  • Disposal of old lamps and conforming to WEE issues
  • Project Management throughout