Free Energy Audit


In a nut-shell what this means is that we carry out a lighting audit and then using variables such as working hours, “lights on” time and unit cost of electricity we can produce a very detailed report including:

  • Quantity and type of existing lamps
  • Cost of electricity used by existing lamps
  • Cost of replacement lamps used in existing lighting scheme
  • Cost of maintaining existing lamps
  • Tonnes of Carbon produced by existing lamps
  • Cost of electricity used if converted to LED
  • Tonnes of carbon saved if converted to LED
  • Investment cost to switch to LED
  • Payback period and finance options


We prepare a feasibility study for the installation of a Solar PV System on the client’s building(s). We maximise the system’s generating capacity to match the building’s consumption and prepare a cost benefit and return on investment summary.

These reports are provided completely without charge and represent a valuable and useful document for our clients. Our hope is, of course, that the client will choose to make the investment and do so with Blazes Renewables.