There are no circumstances where LED lighting is not superior to traditional lighting. LED provides a purer light with a higher Colour Render Index, LED lamps will last up to 10 times longer than traditional lighting and represent a saving of around 70% on electricity consumption.

Blazes Renewables has its own lighting design team and using the notes and information from the initial site survey they can provide a specification tailored to suit that particular location and require LUX levels.


Typically this market opportunity is in office accommodation where traditional lighting is usually made up of four two foot fluorescent tubes in a light box within a suspended ceiling.

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This is perhaps our most important market.  Manufacturing and distribution centres often work 24 hours each day and often 7 days per week.

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Public Sector

Blazes Renewables has completed many projects for local councils.  These include schools, art galleries, swimming pools, theatres, offices, gymnasiums and leisure facilities.

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