Airport Car Park

A 4 storey airport car park operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year was illuminated with 960 x 5 foot 70 (including ballast) Watt Fluorescent Tubes.

The airport pays 9.6 p per kWh (unit) of electricity.

The LED alternative:

The 960 Fluorescent Tubes were replaced with 5 foot 22 Watt LED tubes.

The results:

The annual cost of operating the existing lighting system was £87,262

After the switch to LED the annual cost reduced to £22,141

Annual savings made by switching to LED are £65,112 / 67%

Total savings over the lifetime of the LED will be £459,996

Annual Carbon Savings 1,263 Tonnes

Annual Return on Investment is 168%

No of years to achieve Payback on Investment is 0.60 Years

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