Burnley Market Service Area

The Burnley market and Charter Walk Shopping centre have a common service area where delivery trucks can drive in to carry out deliveries to traders and stores.

The area was illuminated by T8 Fluorescent tubes in twin fittings at around 4.5 metres high. Light levels were very poor and Blazes Renewables were asked to propose an LED alternative which would reduce costs and improve lighting.

The existing twin T8 tubes, with ballast were consuming 170 Watts. We replaced these with Non-Corrosive IP65 1500 mm fittings at 65 Watts.

The improvement in light levels has been huge and has been commented on by traders and vehicle drivers alike.

The results:

The annual cost of operating the existing lighting system was £4,258

After the switch to LED the annual cost reduced to £1,126

Annual savings made by switching to LED are £3,123 / 67%

Total savings over the lifetime of the LED will be £35,489

Annual Carbon Savings 141 Tonnes

Annual Return on Investment is 76%

No of years to achieve Payback on Investment is 1.31 Years

We estimate that during the lifetime of the LED lamps the savings on maintenance costs will be £6,450 which is considerably greater than the level of investment required to make the switch to LED.

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