Distribution Warehouse

A UK Supermarket regional warehouse operating around the clock was illuminated by 120 High Bay 400 Watt Sodium Lamps.

The supermarket pays 8.8 p per kWh (unit) of electricity.

The LED alternative:

The 120 High Bay 400 Watt Sodium Lamps were replaced with 120 complete 150 Watt LED Lamps and fittings.

The results:

The annual cost of operating the existing lighting system was £60,750

After the switch to LED the annual cost reduced to £17,297

Annual savings made by switching to LED are £43,453 / 71%

Total savings over the lifetime of the LED will be £309,458

Annual Carbon Savings 1,031 Tonnes

Annual Return on Investment is 115%

No of years to achieve Payback on Investment is 0.90 Years

Sodium Lamps only operate at their maximum illumination after a significant “warm up” period and in consequence are not suitable to work with motion sensors. LED lamps, however, operate at maximum illumination instantly and are ideally suited to work with motion sensors enabling even greater efficiency and savings.

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