A city centre hotel with a 24/7 reception and lounge area has 300 x 50 Watt Halogen GU 10 spot lights.

The hotel engineer replaces no less than 25 lamps each week.

The hotel pays 10.5p per kWh (unit) of electricity.

The LED alternative:

The 300 Halogen lamps were replaced with dimmable 3 Watt LED lamps.

The results:

The annual cost of operating the existing lighting system was £19,420

After the switch to LED the annual cost reduced to £1,153

Annual savings made by switching to LED are £18,267 / 93%

Total savings over the lifetime of the LED will be £147,968

Annual Carbon Savings 419 Tonnes

No of years to achieve Payback on Investment is 0.32 Years

The conversion was completed over 12 months ago and the number of lamps replaced thus far is NIL, ZERO.

The maintenance costs in replacing non LED lamps is reduced to nil providing eve more savings by switching to LED.

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