Nugent Care Liverpool

Nugent Care based in Liverpool are a charity engaged in care for the elderly, the disabled and the disadvantaged. They provide their services in a number of varying premises ranging from domestic properties to homes for the elderly to residential schools and secure units.

Being a 24/7 operation any contribution to their electricity costs would be welcomed.

Blazes Renewables were asked to prepare a proposal based on Bisol Solar Panels and Power One inverters on 7 of their properties.

The Returns on Investment made a powerful case for the proposal and Blazes were instructed to carry out the installations.

The size of the Solar PV systems varied from 4 kWp (16 panels) on domestic properties to 50 kWp (200 panels) on their larger properties.

Nugent Care values its reputation in the community and with seven highly visible Solar PV Systems for everyone to see there can be no doubt as to their commitment on green issues.

The results:

Annual generation of electricity 111,150 kWhs

Value of free and exported electricity £10,559

Value of Feed in Tariff £11,904

Combined annual benefit £22,463

Annual number of tonnes of Carbon saved 60 Tonnes

Annual return on investment 22.40%

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