Saville Audio Visual

We were approached by Saville Audio Visual in Manchester to put forward a proposal to replace 46 Louvered light boxes, each with 4 T8 2 foot tubes with LED panels in their workshop and offices. Their prime objective was to increase lighting levels and quality to improve conditions for the technicians working in the fine detail wiring areas. The cost savings, whilst secondary to the desire to improve existing lighting, made the whole project immediately feasible.

Immediately the conversion had been completed it was unanimous that working under LED the colours were clearer and the improved light levels improved working conditions significantly.

The results:

The annual cost of operating the existing lighting system was £4,816

After the switch to LED the annual cost reduced to £1,376

Annual savings made by switching to LED are £3,439 / 61%

Total savings over the lifetime of the LED will be £51,306

Annual Carbon Savings 198 Tonnes

Annual Return on Investment is 44%

No of years to achieve Payback on Investment is 1.99 Years

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