Benefits of LED Lighting

LED light bulbs have very clear advantages over other forms of lighting, such as:

Using up to 75% less energy than incandescent lamps and 50% less than fluorescents.

Producing virtually no heat so doesn’t waste energy.

LED Lamps are so energy efficient that when they are used instead of normal incandescent and halogen bulbs they can cut your electricity costs by at least 60% and as much as 95%.

Their life expectancy is typically over 50,000 hours compared to less than 10,000 hours for non LED lamps. In a domestic property, the cost of providing lighting with electricity accounts for around 20% of the annual electric bill. In non-domestic properties it is as much as 40%.

There is a huge range of LED lamps available from Blazes Renewables, from simple domestic pendant bulbs to office ceiling panels to high level warehouse illumination and street lighting.

Blazes Renewables is able to determine precisely what is required for any application.