This is perhaps our most important market. Manufacturing and distribution centres often work 24 hours each day and often 7 days per week. The most common type of lighting in these businesses are High Bay lamps. The traditional High Bay lamps are usually either SON or Metal Halide bulbs. With ballast these lamps will consume upwards of 470 Watts. The LED replacement will typically consume just 120 Watts. Under these circumstances payback from investment into LED is usually around a year and once the significant savings in maintenance costs are factored in payback time reduces even further.

Oscar Pet Foods

Oscar Pet Foods comprises a manufacturing plant, a warehouse and offices and operates for 10 hours each day, Monday to Friday. A major concern was that whenever a lamp failed ...

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"We are confident that Blazes Renewables are technically competent to provide lighting solutions for any of our future needs."

Andrew Pritchard, Facilities Engineer