Typically this market opportunity is in office accommodation where traditional lighting is usually made up of four two foot fluorescent tubes in a light box within a suspended ceiling. The LED option is a simple replacement with a slim side emitting panel which fits in the same size grid.

The traditional light fitting will consume around 100 Watts whilst the LED panel will consume less than 40 Watts. The LED panel represents a saving in energy costs of 60% and with a lifetime of around 5 times longer than fluorescent tubes the argument in favour of LED is very powerful.

Many office workers complain of flickering from fluorescent tubes and complaints of headaches from those working directly under them are not uncommon. LED lights have no flickering, no UV or Infra-Red light and in consequence are an ideal office fitment. Once offices are converted to LED staff are always complimentary about the changes. Blazes Renewables has a wide range of LED street lamps and flood lighting for car parks and external areas.

Saville Audio Visual

We were approached by Saville Audio Visual in Manchester to put forward a proposal to replace 46 Louvered light boxes, each with 4 T8 2 foot tubes with LED panels ...

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"The improved quality of the LED lighting has been commented on by both staff and visitors whose time in St Peter’s has been enhanced by the LED experience."

Scott Bryce, Operations Manager, Burnley Leisure