Are My Premises Suitable

If your property has adequate roof space, it is likely to be suitable for a Blazes Solar PV Panel System.

Experienced surveyors will carry out a site inspection to determine the orientation of your building to provide you with an accurate expectation of returns on your investment.

Blazes will check:


1. Sunlight exposure

Ensure you can get maximum sunlight to your panels. The most effective solar panels face south, although they can still work well when east and west facing.

2. Roof angle

Your roof angle can make a big difference to the amount of energy you are able to generate. Blazes technicians can work with the majority of roof types and compensate for problems.

3. Shadows

Shading will cut sunlight to your panels and, consequently, will reduce the amount of energy you can produce. Blazes will help you avoid shading during installation.

4. Roof strength

Although most roofs are designed to take increased weight, Blazes will check the existing structure and inform you if any additional work is required.

5. Existing electrical system

Since qualified electricians will install your Blazes solar PV systems, a complete visual inspection will identify if any extra work is required. Most properties need little or no changes.