Yes, with a professionally designed central heating system from Blazes Heating you can be assured that the rooms in your home will be at the exactly the right temperature – and we guarantee it!! Your living areas will be at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, bedrooms at 65 degrees and bathrooms at 72 degrees.

We achieve this by determining the heat losses from each room and then we calculate the exact radiator output we need to achieve the desired temperature.

But, our attention to detail doesn’t end there – for example if we notice that a bedroom is being used as a study or play room we will specify the radiator size to achieve a comfortable room temperature of 70 degrees and when required, the ambient temperature can be reduced by adjustment of the thermostatic radiator valves which we fit to all newly installed radiators.

If your requirement is for a boiler exchange and not a complete new system we will calculate the heat demand of your home and specify a boiler with the corresponding output. This means that regardless of any alterations to your home carried out since the original heating system was installed you can be assured that the boiler supplied by Blazes Heating is the right one for the job!

It’s the attention to detail that makes Blazes Heating the natural choice.

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